Mrs. Hofmann's Second Grade

Mrs. Hofmann's Second Grade

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Jog For Jefferson School Winners!

The kids were so excited to find out at Friday's Jog For Jefferson assembly that our class raised the most money in the entire school! Wow!!! Because of this, we get to take a class trip to the YMCA later this fall! I also got to put a pie in Mrs. Frentzel's face on Friday! You can check out our Jefferson Family and Friends Facebook page to see a video clip! Again, thank you so much for your generous donations to our wonderful school!

We had lots of other fun things happening this week, too!

Mackenzie and Olivia are playing a game of "Make Ten" to help them memorize some of their addition facts.

The kids loved having the Gahanna Lincoln football quarterback visit our class and read a book!

Auggie and Abigail are enjoying a watermelon treat while sharing their personal narratives with each other. The kids learned that good writers don't write the "whole watermelon," but instead pick out a tiny watermelon seed to focus on.

Kennedy and Corbin share their personal narratives with each other,

Joseph was our very first Star Student last week and we got to learn so much about him!

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Jog For Jefferson

We had so much fun on Friday during our annual Jog For Jefferson! The kids did an amazing job of running laps. Thank you to all of you who either volunteered or stopped by to cheer on our kiddos! Here are some fun pictures from the day!

Mrs. Hofmann's Gumballs!

Cooling off with some popsicles after lots of laps!

Monday, September 7, 2015

Math Fun!

We finished our study of odd and even numbers and began working on sequencing and comparing numbers last week. One of the kids' favorite activities that we did was called, "Number Scramble." Each child was given a two-digit or three-digit number and when I said, "Go!" they had to unscramble the numbers by putting them in order from least to greatest. We also began playing a variety of partner games to help us practice math concepts, which the children have really enjoyed!

Having fun with our number scramble!

Moira and Emma are enjoying one of our math games to help them compare numbers.

Happy Sept. 4 birthday to Kennedy and Happy Sept. 6 birthday to Kylie!