Mrs. Hofmann's Second Grade

Mrs. Hofmann's Second Grade

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Staying Busy!

We've been staying busy in second grade! The kids have really been enjoying our weather unit, and the nice weather last week allowed us to head outside for some fun science experiments. We've been learning about the four components of the water cycle and got to do a fun experiment using colored ice cubes to demonstrate evaporation. After making a hypothesis about what we would find on our papers later in the day, we came back outside and saw a rainbow of color stains on our papers, but no water. We were able to conclude that only pure water evaporates into the air to form clouds and that solid material (food coloring) is left behind. 

We also began our multiplication unit this week. The kids have been learning what multiplication truly is by creating and interpreting arrays. We even got to have an array scavenger hunt around the classroom one morning.

Our week ended with a visit from our Mystery Reader, Mrs. Yandrich, who read Trudy and the Captain's Cat, which the kids really enjoyed.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Our New iPad!

Our class was very excited to receive one of the new iPads provided to us by our wonderful PTO! It's been a particularly great addition to our Math Daily 4 on Fridays. One of the choices the kids have on this day to practice their math skills is "Math Technology," so I was able to download a variety of excellent games that correspond to the concepts we're exploring. Since there are 23 students in our class and only one iPad, I've been pairing the kids up so that more have the opportunity to use the iPad. In a perfect world, I would have one for each kid!

Thanks to Ms. Eldridge, who came in before spring break, to be one of our Mystery Readers! If you've not had the opportunity to surprise your child by being a Mystery Reader this year and would still like to, send me an e-mail and I'll get you on the schedule before the end of the year.