Mrs. Hofmann's Second Grade

Mrs. Hofmann's Second Grade

Monday, October 31, 2011

Monster Exchange (By Jack)

This week in second grad we are Monster Exchanging. Monster Exchanging is like you right about your Monster that you drew and then you get a partner they try to figure out how to draw what you drew. And then you get to know how close your partner was at drawling your Monster!

Book Clubs (By Emilee)

This week in second grade we are doing book clubs. The first one we are doing is the doll people. All the girls in the class are doing it. We are in to a 5 group and a 6 group because there are 11 girls in the class. We are basally talking about our thick questions. We are trying to figure out where Auntie Sarah went every time we meet with Mrs. Hofmann we do are thick questions.  Every time we also meet with Mrs. Hofmann she gives us a chapter to read. And all of the girls love the book!  

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Writing to squirrel (By Abigail)

This week in second  grade where writing to a squirrel from the disappearing moon. the squirrel  thot the moon was disappearing. It was little bit funny we had a good time watching. It had a good ending I loved the vido it was a good vido. Evrey buddy lovede the vido it was cool.
By Abigail    

Book Clubs (By Sean)

This week in second grade we started book clubs. There are three different books. The book that some of the boys are doing is called My Father’s Dragon. We are really enjoying it. It is about Elmer Elevator. He goes to wild island to save a baby dragon. He is interested in flying. The other boys are doing Andy shane and the pumpkin trick.
By Sean

The Playground System (By Avery)

This week in second grade our class went outside sat down and Mrs. Hofmann had a sun, moon, and earth with a string tided around each one. Every one in the class got a turn to ether be a sun, moon, and earth. We each got a partner. Mine was Jack. He was the moon and I was the earth. I had to rotate while going in a circle. Jack had to walk around me while I was going in a circle.
By Avery

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Our First Mystery Reader!

Last Friday we had our very first Mystery Reader! The kids were so excited and listened intently as I read the five clues so they could guess who the reader might be. Once I read the final clue that said, "I'm a 5th grader in Mrs. Cain's class," the kids began squealing, "It's somebody's sister!" Our 5th grader did an amazing job! I think her younger brother was especially surprised! If you're interested in being a Mystery Reader this year we would love to have you! Mystery Readers typically join us on Fridays, but if another day works better for your schedule, just send me an e-mail and we'll figure out a date/time that works for you!

Our 5th grade buddies also visited us this past week! We have been working hard to learn our basic addition combinations, so they stopped by to challenge us with a few rounds of "Addition War." I think several of our 5th graders were a little surprised by how well the 2nd graders knew their addition combinations! Rohan's buddy actually said to me, "I can't stop for even a second or he'll totally beat me!" Committing these facts to memory really helps your child as we begin to work on more advanced math concepts. Buying a set of flashcards and going over a handful each evening is a great way to support your child in learning his/her facts.

Right before our long weekend, we had our first Bingo party! The chart above shows what our classroom Bingo chart looks like. The kids work as a class to earn Bingo numbers for a variety of things, including everyone turning in homework, great behavior at specials, everyone being on "Ready to Learn" or higher for the day, etc. It encourages positive behavior and the kids have a terrific time working together to earn numbers. We took a vote and the majority of our class voted to have a sundae party for our first Bingo celebration. We're currently working hard to earn numbers for our next Bingo party!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Cool Science with Mr. Clay!

Mr. Clay and his little scientist!

Wow! What a fun Friday our class had! Mr. Clay, Meredith's dad, came to our class and did some amazing science experiments with the kids. Mr. Clay discussed the states of matter with the children, the components of air, and then created carbon dioxide bubbles and "clouds!" The kids loved his experiments, and his "cool science" was definitely the topic of conversation for the rest of the day! He promised to visit us again this school year, so we're all looking forward to that!

We also had our Jog For Jefferson assembly and found out that our class raised the third largest amount of money in the entire school! Because of this, the PTO is providing us with a pizza lunch! The kids were thrilled! Thanks to all of you who supported our school by donating to the Jog or helping your children collect pledges. I'll let you know the date of our pizza lunch soon. Aside from our class prize, some of our kids were lucky enough to have their names drawn for individual prizes. Devon won four passes to Fort Rapids Waterpark, Avery won a gift card to Justice, and Fox's younger brother won four passes to Coco Key Waterpark. (I told Fox we're counting this prize, too, since he'll get to go along with his brother!) :)

I hope everyone has enjoyed this beautiful fall weather and warm temperatures! My husband and I took Kate and Aubrey to Circle S Farms on Saturday to go pumpkin picking. It's a great place with a petting zoo, a sunflower maze, and a hayloft with two different slides. We had a hard time getting our girls off the slides to go do anything else!

Check out the posts below with links to last week's "Sound Parade" and a few more September writing pieces.

Sensational Sound Instruments Video!

Sensational Sound Instruments!

More September Writing

Last summer I went to Indiana with Olivia, my dad, and my stepmom. And we went to a waterpark at a hotel. The waterpark was so fun! It was really fun. There was a tipping bucket that splashed water and a lazy river and water slides. We only stayed for two days. In the end after two days we packed up and left to Ohio and finally we were at our house. It only took us about two hours to get home. It was so fun at Indiana. I really loved Indiana!

Two years ago I went to Atlanta, Georgia! I went to the aquarium. It was awesome. Then we went to the Coca Cola factory and got a fresh bottle of it in a glass bottle. I got to see how they make it and my dad and Abby and I got to taste different pop. They were really good. When I got home I was happy as a clam!

After I went to Disney World last year I went to the aquarium and it was so cool. I went with mom and dad and there were animals more than just fish. You can pet sharks. When you pet them you have to pet them on the back so you won't get injuries. But the crabs don't pinch and also my shirt got wet. We saw crabs with legs and bodies so big and we saw clown fish. I was glad my parents took me.

Last summer my basketball team made it to the championship. We started good then everybody started playing bad. We were losing but we were the first runner up. We still had fun. Too bad we lost.

Once upon a time there was a girl named Norah. She had a mom named Tamara. There is something called the reading wheel. Well this didn't happen yet. If I read some books I get to pick what prize I want to do. There are sleepovers, bowling, playdate, Redbox, and that's all. I will pick sleepover because they are fun. The reading wheel is a big circle. It has lots of lines on it. They are diagonal lines. I have one in my room and it is bigger. It is a dry erase board that sticks on your wall. Mine has flowers on it. It is so pretty. I got it from Giant Eagle in the clearance spot. My mom was going to get colored duct tape. My favorite thing about the reading wheel is the prizes because they are fun prizes.

The first time my life would change was when I had a baby brother. I remember the first time I held Duncan. I remember Duncan's first sponge bath and his first bath. I can't wait until his first word. He is smiling when you touch his cheek. Duncan eats a lot. Duncan poops a lot. He doesn't smile a lot. Duncan makes a lot of noise. He cries a lot. When Duncan was born Nana and Popa were around. They took us to Dairy Queen! I had about ten or six blizzards! Nana left to California. Papa stayed for a while but when you read this he'll be in California. Nana held Duncan before she left. I was sad to see them leave.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Jog For Jefferson Video

Click the link below to see a video of our fun day!
Jog For Jefferson!

September Writing Favorites

The kids are very excited to have their writing posted on our blog! They got to choose their favorite piece for me to type. If you don't see your child's writing in this post, check back on Monday when I'll be adding the rest!
**Spelling and punctuation kindly edited by Mrs. Hofmann. :)**

I have a very big house. That's why we call it the big house. When me and my parents and my brother moved there was a lot of trouble. My brother broke almost everything. But soon it was good. Then some good things happened. Number one my brother didn't break anything. That was very very very very very good!!! And second of all we had a very nice view. The reason why we had a very nice view was because we were right next to the woods.

Yesterday we went to a carnival. They had animals and tons of games! There was a stunt person that was on a dirt bike! And the cutest two animals were the bunnies and two really cute goats. Oh and the kangaroos because when we gave them a carrot they held it in their hands and then they ate it and it was funny too! I had a great time at the carnival.

Yesterday I went to my dad's work. It's called Mojo Sportsgear. I get $5 an hour. I got $25 for making tags for two hours. I was tired when I got home. I wanted to go to sleep but my dad said I have to do my homework. After I did my homework I got to go to sleep.

One Sunday me and my family came to my house to celebrate my sister's birthday party and my cousins and Gigi came and my grandparents. My sister got princess dress up stuff and one stuffed animal cat and dog and it came with a lot of little doors and it's a critter clinic. I got her a stuffed bear and she got some Dora blocks to build a tower and it came with stickers. Me and my cousin we were playing with my LPS and it was fun. After we had Papa John's and we had velvet birthday cake ice cream and my grandpa tried to take my cake and ice cream so I had to stick my fork in his cake and lick it too. On Monday we got to play dress up and I fit in the Belle stuff and it was fun. Finally everybody had to go home and I was so so so sad to see everybody leave. Then it was time for bed especially me and I was so sleepy I almost fell asleep in the shower.

Yesterday I got an I-phone from my dad. There is a game called Sky Burger. You stack stuff on the bun. You can put one hundred stuff on it. And a game called Turbo Granny. She rides a motorcycle. My sister is bad. I was so surprised that my dad gave me an I-phone.

My family went to Washington D.C. two summers ago. I saw the monument and we went up to it but it was closed and we couldn't go in. We had a hot tub. We had a pool table. My dad is clever at pool. My dad forced me not to play pool. I begged my dad to play pool but my dad said no. And we had cookies at 8:00 or 8:30. Finally my dad or mom said after about five days it is time to go. I didn't want to go but I had to.

This year for my birthday I went to Skate Zone. It is a rollerskate and rollerblade place. Norah and Jayla came and other kids too! We rollerskated. They even had music playing! My stepsister and brother came too. We rollerskated for at least an hour. We got to listen to all different kinds of music. I fell and hit my head on a wall. It was the kind that was carpet and wood. They had a thing where kids came up for their birthday parties. They could choose what music they wanted. When it was my turn I chose Taylor Swift's "Story of Us." Then we played a game like four corners. My sister was out. There were at least seven corners there. Then we rollerskated some more and some more. Then it was time for cake. I got an icee for a drink. The kind was raspberry. Everyone else got Sierra Mist and pink lemonade and water. Nick was clever to get chocolate and vanilla with pink frosting. After everyone finished their piece of cake it was time for presents. I got a Barbi, an ice cream maker, Scrabble, a LPS doll for online, a rollerskate, t-shirt, and a you make your own perfume thing. Then I spun a wheel thing for extra prizes. These were a bubble ball animal thing and Chinese handcuffs which were awesome! Then finally it was time for games and time to go. I had a good birthday. 

Today after school I am going to play with my friend Ashlyn. She lives right down the street from me. She has an older brother named Jake. He bothers us. They almost all the time fight. He is nice sometimes. Most of the time he is mean. I can't wait to see her. We have a friend across the street. Her name is Savannah. She has a dog named Mallory. She is so cute. I hope she is allowed to play.

Last week I went to the launching farm. I went to go launch some corn. My brother was getting apples. What we were launching out of was a cannon. It was a very old cannon. I had a very fun time. Then we got to eat some corn. We had a blast!

During summer vacation every Thursday my Aunt Margaret came to watch me for the day. One of our days together we made bread. We mixed and waited an hour and another hour. We even played jacks for the whole time we were waiting. My aunt always had beat me but that was one of the only times I had ever played. Finally the bread was done and we had to let it cool down before we could eat it. Then we cut the bread and made delicious sandwiches for lunch and that was the last time we were being together for the summer. But I can't wait to see what she comes up with next year!

Two weeks ago me and my brother and my dad went to the zoo. My hair was sticking up in the air so I wore my dad's hat. When we got to the zoo my dad bought a pink hat for me. It said, "Columbus Zoo" on it and above that was a picture of a polar bear. I liked it a lot. It fit me just perfect! After that we went to see the polar bears. We had a lot of fun! We had coupons so we didn't have to pay. Me and my brother were glad we went to the zoo, but then my dad said, "Let's go to putt-putt!" And then my dad started to laugh. Then me and my brother started laughing! But we knew he was kidding. There was a long line so we had to wait a long time but we still had a lot of fun!

Last year I was playing soccer. It was 5 to 5 and I was defense. We had seven minutes left in the game. One of the coaches yelled BIG KICK! And I got hit in the face as hard as could be! I fell to the ground. I got back up but I felt like crying. It burned so much. But I kept playing but I had a little bit of a swollen eye. Then I went home. But the bright side was that we won.

When I was a little baby a high school friend of my mom and dad gave my sister a lamb like blanket except it had a face and ears and it had feet. But she didn't like it so they tried it with me and it worked! I went to sleep with it and I played with it and most of all I hugged him. He was the sweetest thing ever! Well that's what I think. After many years he started to get dirty but I didn't care and I would not leave him so my dad had to sneak him in the washer but I could tell that he washed him because I could smell him. I always asked did you wash him? Did you? Did you? He sometimes said yes and sometimes he said no. And that's the story of Bego!

If I could have another Webkinz and log it on Webkinz World I'd rather have either the Cherry Soda Pup, the Lioness Bengal Tiger, or the Tie Dye Puppy. And if I could pick just one I'd have to pick the lioness. Because that is my school mascot and I love lions!

I lost my tooth last night. My dad was tickling me when it fell out of my mouth. I was happy that it fell out. But I wasn't happy when I had to have saltwater to make it stop bleeding. And then I went to bed. And in the morning there was a gold dollar sitting under my pillow. I was so happy when I got it. I thought I was going to get a dollar from the tooth fairy but I was still happy. And then me and my brother and got on the bus. And my dad and my mom were proud of me since it fell out.